python-jsonschema - Implementation of JSON Schema validation for Python

Website: https://github.com/Julian/jsonschema
License: MIT
Vendor: NauLinux Team
jsonschema is an implementation of JSON Schema for Python (supporting
2.7+, including Python 3).

 - Full support for Draft 7, Draft 6, Draft 4 and Draft 3
 - Lazy validation that can iteratively report all validation errors.
 - Small and extensible
 - Programmatic querying of which properties or items failed validation.


python-jsonschema-3.0.1-7.el7.src [125 KiB] Changelog by Oleg Sadov (2019-07-16):
- Minor fixes.
python-jsonschema-3.0.1-6.el7.src [125 KiB] Changelog by Vladimir Titov (2019-04-11):
- Rebuild for python2 and python34 el7
python-jsonschema-3.0.1-4.el7.src [124 KiB] Changelog by Vladimir Titov (2019-03-13):
- Rebuild for el7

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