fusioninventory-agent - FusionInventory agent

License: GPLv2+
Vendor: NauLinux Team
FusionInventory Agent is an application designed to help a network
or system administrator to keep track of the hardware and software
configurations of computers that are installed on the network.

This agent can send information about the computer to a OCS Inventory NG
or GLPI server with the FusionInventory for GLPI plugin.

You can add additional packages for optional tasks:

* fusioninventory-agent-task-network
    Network Discovery and Inventory support
* fusioninventory-agent-inventory
    Local inventory support for FusionInventory
* fusioninventory-agent-task-deploy
    Software deployment support
* fusioninventory-agent-task-esx
    vCenter/ESX/ESXi remote inventory
* fusioninventory-agent-task-collect
    Custom information retrieval support
* fusioninventory-agent-task-wakeonlan
    Wake o lan task


fusioninventory-agent-2.5.1-2.el7.src [2.5 MiB] Changelog by Johan Cwiklinski (2019-07-16):
- Apply upstream patch that fixes issues on EL6/7

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